Band for an Oktoberfest in the United Kingdom Ireland Switzerland Germany

Band for an Oktoberfest in the United Kingdom Ireland Switzerland Germany

Are you planning an event in Switzerland or Germany and the theme is "Oktoberfest"? Or are you planning an Oktoberfest in the UK or Ireland?

On this website you can hire popular and well-known bands from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The videos are of the German band "Bergvagabunden", but you can book any band here on Please send us a request by email.

Our bands play the typical music of the Oktoberfest. Look forward to accordion, baritone, tuba, trumpet, clarinet, guitar and vocals - and especially look forward to our yodelling!

Where does your event take place?

We come to Dublin, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. We come to Geneva, Bern and Zurich. We come to Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

What is the Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival celebrated annually in Munich, Germany. It is a 16-day festival, starting in late September and ending in the first weekend of October. The festival is dedicated to beer, and it features numerous beer tents where people can come together to drink, eat, and have fun.

The Oktoberfest attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. It is considered the largest beer festival in the world, with over six million people attending the event annually. It is a celebration of Bavarian culture, and it is a significant part of Germany's cultural heritage.

The Oktoberfest is known for its traditional German music, which includes oompah bands and folk music. The music played at the festival is lively and upbeat, and it is meant to create a festive atmosphere for everyone.

Apart from beer, there is a lot of traditional German food to enjoy at the Oktoberfest. Some of the most popular dishes include roasted chicken, sausages, and pretzels. The festival also features rides and games, making it a fun experience for everyone.

One of the most special things about the Oktoberfest is the beer. The festival features a unique type of beer known as Oktoberfest beer or Marzen. This beer is brewed specifically for the festival and has a slightly higher alcohol content than regular beer.

As for attire, traditional German clothing such as lederhosen for men and dirndls for women are commonly worn. However, many people attend the festival in casual clothing as well.

Did you know that we do apres ski as well?

Is there also an Oktoberfest in Ireland or the United Kingdom?

While the Oktoberfest is primarily celebrated in Munich, there are other Oktoberfest events held in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If one is looking to organize an Oktoberfest event in these countries, they should ensure that they have the appropriate permits and licenses, and they should be prepared to offer a range of traditional German food and beer options to their guests. It is also important to consider the cultural differences and preferences of the local population when planning such an event.

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